Ted Site
The primary interest of this web site is Ted, my easy rich text processor for Linux/X-Windows. Ted was developed as an operating system accessory like Wordpad on MS-Windows. In our opinion, the possibility to type a letter or a note on a Unix/Linux machine is clearly missing. Only too often, you have to turn to a Windows machine to write a letter or a simple document. Ted was made to allow you to easily type and format texts on Unix.
Additionally, Ted is a fast and simple command line rtf to pdf (rtf2pdf) converter.
The Dutch Linux User Group NLLGG was so kind to give me web space. Please refer to http://www.nllgg.nl/Ted for the Ted web site.
The Dutch Unix User Group NLUUG was so kind to give me download space. Please refer to ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/editors/ted for downloads.
If you are interested in who I am, you might refer to my curriculum vitae or to a summary of my experience in automation, or a combined version in PDF.
Greetings, Mark de Does.